Custom Website Development

A website allows you to effectively convey your brand in the growing digital marketing channel. The design of your website is of significant importance as the first impression of your website encourages visitors to explore your site further.

The following key considerations are used for all web development projects:

Cross-device compatibility
Page load speed
CSS design
JavaScript integration
Social networking
Search engine optimization

We develop websites using the following programming languages and technologies:


Our wide range of skills allow us to tackle problems of varying complexity. Lightweight informative or heavyweight functional systems can be tailored to our customers needs with considerations for complexity, time and budget.

Responsive Website Development

responsive design

At Codev, we use Bootstrap, a responsive framework to create a consistent cross-device compatible website solution.

Cost effective
User friendly

How does it work?

Responsive website development makes use of percentages opposed to fixed dimensions when displaying content and images relatively.


Have you ever considered selling to customers online? Our E-Commerce websites allow you to open a new channel to access customers in a manner that has a low overhead and allows customers to buy your products at the click of a button. By having an E-Commerce website you can gain access to a much broader market, providing opportunities to expand your business.

Custom tailored blog, website and online store
Unlimited customer data and product inventory
24/7 customer support
Automated fulfillment through 3rd party integrations
100+ international payment gateways supported